This article was circulated in my office by our department sales manager couple of weeks back. The article titled “The first push” highlights how the industries are getting transformed by intense competition. We have seen local retailers put out of business by Amazon, we have seen Apple ravage the telecom sector by decoupling the consumer from service providers, we have seen Google, the most nimble and cut-throat competitor enter so many markets and lead the pack. The only sector that has survived the onslaught is the power industry. But not for long. As indicated in the article” Giant multinationals Siemens, Honeywell, and Schneider all have plans to handle most or all of customers’ power needs behind the fence and then to broker the relationship between the customer and utility.” It won’t be long before these multinationals skim the cream off the profit margins the utilities have enjoyed.

About the article: It’s a rather long article but provides good points on the markets especially at the end of the article.

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