I created this site to share my knowledge on electrical power systems.

The electric power system is a huge and an intricate industry to understand. It is regulated by both state and federal government (in the USA) and is still in the process of being deregulated. The technical aspects of designing the power systems are, however, not as confounding as the regulations governing it. If you ever choose to venture into the world of power systems then you will touch upon these topics:

  • Power Generation – Generator design, generator control (MW’s, MVAR’s, Phase, Frequency etc), fault dynamics, protection and controls.
  • Power Transmission – Sizing conductors, protection of t-lines, substation design.
  • Power Distribution – Demand forecast, load sizing, and oh! whatever you see through the window.

The ultimate goal for this industry would be cheap and reliable electricity for the consumers – residential or commercial while staying profitable for the Independent Power Producers and Investor Owned Utilities.