This site is here to share top-notch information on high voltage power system design. Articles here cover a variety of topics such as

– Substation design

– Power system analysis 

– Non-technical industry concepts

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Power System Analysis

Dive deep into technical concepts. Learn about per unit systems, symmetrical components, arc flash studies and plenty of other topics.

Substation Physical Design

Articles cover conduits, grounding, geo-tech study for a substation.

Substation Protection and Control

Want to save million dollar equipment from destructive voltage and current transients? Learn how to protect them.

Substation Equipment

Power substations contain critical equipment. Articles cover transformer design and circuit breaker design.

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Optical Ground Wire For Communication Between Power Substations

With the advent of modern microprocessor relaying, much of the communication between relays has been shifting from power-line-carrier apparatus or microwave to fiber. Since power utilities own the easements for the high voltage transmission lines, it is only logical to install …

Who Controls the Power Grid in USA?

Have you wondered what goes on behind the scenes of electric power delivery in America? This post explains who is controlling the flow of power on the grid and who is policing to ensure the reliability requirements are met.