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Who Controls the Power Grid in USA?

Have you wondered what goes on behind the scenes of electric power delivery in America? This post explains who is controlling the flow of power on the grid and who is policing to ensure the reliability requirements are met.

Why We Need Electrical Power Substations

We build substations for the following reasons: Practical Considerations for Power Substations To satisfy load growth When people or businesses move to a new location that has little to no power supply infrastructure, it might make a case for building a substation close to the community. Supplying this new load from remote substations is inefficient …

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The Power Flow Crux

The electrical power grid operates in equilibrium. The power supply from the generator matches the demand levied by the end-users. The flow of power to enable this demand-supply equilibrium over the transmission lines (T-lines) is governed by the following conditions.

Transmission Lattice Tower
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