Substation Equipment

Power substations contain transformers, breakers, switches, and plenty other critical pieces. This category explains the equipment design in detail.

Optical Ground Wire For Communication Between Power Substations

With the advent of modern microprocessor relaying, much of the communication between relays has been shifting from power-line-carrier apparatus or microwave to fiber. Since power utilities own the easements for the high voltage transmission lines, it is only logical to install fiber up there. One ingenious location is the lightning shield wire. It is the …

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Power Circuit Breaker – Operation and Control Scheme

Understanding a breaker scheme is important if you plan on designing a substation. Quite often, it is overwhelming to make sense of the entire scheme at a glance. The figure below depicting a circuit breaker scheme will be used to explain various elements of the PCB’s design and its control.

Power Transformers – Design and Application

delta-star or star-delta transformers : Useful at generation and load centers.
star-star-delta transformers : Useful at transmission substations (765kV, 500kV, 345kV, 115kV).
Grounding the neutral provides higher ground fault currents however the cost savings realized by lower insulation requirements makes grounding viable.