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Articles cover electrical concepts such as per unit systems, industry jargon, etc.

Arc Flash Hazard Study – 5 Ways You Can Ruin It

The complete article written by Steve Coleman and Aleen Mohammed (PeGuru admin) is published in the Electrical Construction & Maintenance magazine. Read this article on ECMweb at: https://ecmweb.com/arc-flash/arc-flash-hazard-evaluation Article Abstract: If you are conducting an arc flash study, you are probably using one of the many software packages that can perform the analysis for you …

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Arc flash vs the HRC4 - 40Cal suit

Arc Flash Hazard Study – The Basics

Arc flash hazard is a huge concern in areas where you are operating medium voltage (1kV – 34kV) and low voltage (less than 1kV) equipment. Mostly because, when you inadvertently initiate a fault, an arc flash ensuing it releases enormous amount of heat energy. The composition of this arc includes molten bits of copper or aluminium busbar or cable.

Arc flash vs the HRC4 - 40Cal suit

Per Unit System – An Introduction

Fundamental to any power system analysis is the know-how of per unit systems. This article, part of a series of articles, will explain step by step how to calculate these parameters for any component anywhere in the power system. Let’s begin with the purpose.

Per unit system

The Power Flow Crux

The electrical power grid operates in equilibrium. The power supply from the generator matches the demand levied by the end-users. The flow of power to enable this demand-supply equilibrium over the transmission lines (T-lines) is governed by the following conditions.

Transmission Lattice Tower
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