Aleen Mohammed

Aleen brings a unique skillset in that he has six years of experience as a utility consultant and five years of experience as an engineer at a public utility. In these roles, he created physical design drawings, protection & control drawings, and SCADA drawings for numerous substations and successfully managed projects as a lead engineer to meet scope, schedule, and budget requirements. Aleen also has experience in conducting system studies for industrial facilities to determine available short-circuit current to specify equipment, arc-flash hazard study using IEEE 1584 to specify PPE, and load flow studies to specify capacitors. Besides work, he has contributed to the IEEE 1584 standard and PJM’s (Designated Entity) substation standards.

Disconnect Switch: Learn the Purpose, Cost, and Lead Time to Procure

Disconnect switches establish isolation points to enable equipment maintenance. They are installed on both sides of the circuit breaker, high-side of the transformer, and on the line exit. Switches cannot and should not be used to interrupt load current or fault current. A switch operation takes place after the circuit is de-energized.

Disconnect Switch
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