Voltage Transformer

voltage transformer
Capacitor Voltage Transformer. When equipped with carrier frequency coupling accessories they are referred to as Capacitor Coupling Voltage Transformer.

Purpose of voltage transformers

  • Relays need to know the magnitude of the voltage in the system. A voltage transformer fulfills this role – it steps down thousands of volts to 67V/115V which is then fed to a relay. At high voltage 138kV and above, VT’s are built using capacitors and a small aux transformer. At 69kV and below, they are wound.
  • Typically installed on
    • Each bus section
    • Transmission line exit (typically for sync check)
    • High voltage side of the power transformer

Cost of voltage transformer

  • 345kV-67V/115V 0.6WXYZ accuracy-burden: ~$10,000
  • 138kV-67V/115V CCVT: ~$5,500
  • 14.4kV-120V wound VT: ~$1,000

Lead time to procure voltage transformer

  • ~16 weeks for high voltage unit
  • ~4 weeks for medium voltage unit

Information on cost and lead time is for your general knowledge only. Contact vendor with your equipment specifications for actual figures.

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