Capacitor Bank

Capacitor bank
Capacitors in an outdoor rack

Purpose of capacitor bank

Capacitors consume active power and release reactive power. They also present low impedance to harmonics. Thus, they are installed in substations to:

  • Correct power factor by injecting reactive volt-amp a.k.a. VARs.
  • Filter out harmonics (when used in conjunction with reactor and resistor)
Capacitor bank
Capacitor bank. Image credit: Mead substation – Western Area Power

Cost of capacitor bank

Cost depends on the MVAR rating and whether it is an indoor or outdoor unit.

  • 34kV 6000KVAR capacitor in a metal-clad switchgear: ~$70,000
  • 12kV 9000KVAR capacitor in a metal-clad switchgear: ~$100,000
  • 138kV 60,000KVAR capacitor in outdoor metal rack: ~$200,000

Lead time to procure capacitor bank

~25 weeks

Information on cost and lead time is for your general knowledge only. Contact vendor with your equipment specifications for actual figures.

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