Power Transformer

Power Transformer
Power Transformer

Purpose of transformer

Transformers are designed to do one of the following:

  • Step-up voltage; consequently step-down current – enables long-distance transmission by reducing I^2\times R copper losses
  • Step-down voltage; consequently step-up current – enables distribution of power to customers at a safe voltage magnitude

When equipped on a distribution transformer, the load tap changer keeps the secondary voltage constant as the load increases or decreases.

Cost of transformer

The cost of a power transformer varies significantly based on BIL rating, MVA rating, core design, guaranteed losses requirement, tank design, etc. The prices listed below are for a standard design transformer.

  • Small power transformer with LTC ~10MVA or lower: ~ $600,000
  • Medium power transformer with LTC ~50MVA or lower: ~$1,400,000
  • Large power transformer ~300MVA or lower: ~ $3,500,000

Lead time to procure transformer

~ 1 year, regardless of MVA rating.

Information on cost and lead time is for your general knowledge only. Contact vendor with your equipment specifications for actual figures.

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